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In August 1993 the Ministry of Education, Armuli Higher Secondary Comprehensive School, and FIHN (representing the Icelandic School of Therapeutic Massage, ISTM), entered into an agreement for establishing a massage course at Armuli Higher Secondary. According to the agreement, all theoretical aspects of the study would be the responsibility of the school and once completed, students would undergo vocational training arranged by the ISTM. After that, students would undergo further training with master masseurs certified by FIHN. Upon completion of vocational training, students would receive a massage diploma from Armuli Higher Secondary Comprehensive School, in co-operation with FIN. Since autumn 1996, Armuli Higher Secondary has conducted every aspect of registration of students in this course, as well as taking care of all performance evaluation. ISTM admits 20 students for vocational training, selected from the applications received. Admittance to the vocational part of the course is decided by FIHN's educational committee and the directors of the massage course at Armuli Higher Secondary.

Theoretical studies consist of the following:

1. General studies as offered by most other secondary schools.

2. Special massage subjects consisting of courses particularly intended for the preparation of masseurs, not taught in other schools.

For further information see the curriculum of F┴ at

Duration of Study
Studies at ISTM are divided into two semesters, i.e. of autumn and spring. School begins on 1 September and the autumn semester ends in mid-December. The spring semester begins early in January and is usually over around Whitsuntide. ISTM is a night school and classes are taught from
16.00 to 19.45 hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Classes are also taught every other weekend, adding Friday from 16.00 to 19.45 and Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 17.00 hours to the aforesaid weekdays. During this time students complete 32 study units in about 788 lessons. This does not include the time spent on presentations, visits and lectures given by various parties connected with the massage studies or other health studies. The total duration of studies is 830 lessons. In addition, students must spend a considerable amount of time on preparation and training on school premises.

Registration for the practical part of studies takes place at the end of May each year and is entirely conducted, as aforesaid, by Armuli Higher Secondary Comprehensive School.

Having completed the massage course at Armuli Higher Secondary in co-operation with ISTM, students graduate as masseurs. Students will then have completed theoretical subjects from the massage course, practical subjects with the ISTM, and vocational training in certified massage parlours under the guidance of master masseurs certified by FIHN.
The graduation title is Masseur/euse.

Vocational Training
Massage students undergo vocational training in massage parlours under the guidance of master masseurs certified by FIHN. Each master masseur may take on two students for vocational training. The training period is 1000 massage hours, which takes a minimum of one year to complete. However, it takes most students much longer to acquire this number of hours. Having completed vocational training from the ISTM, students may apply for FIHN membership. They shall pay half the dues for their first year as members, and in full for subsequent years.

Seven instructors are employed at the
Icelandic School of Therapeutic Massage, each a specialist in his field. Visiting instructors frequently come to the school in order to teach specific courses. Tests in all courses are conducted by external examiners. In addition, former students participate in practical examinations as massage receivers, thus helping with the study evaluation.

Master Studies
Masseurs may apply to the FIHN for a master diploma three years after having completed massage studies. Applicators must demonstrate that they have worked as masseurs for a total of at least 1800 massage hours, and familiarised themselves with the work of three FIHN master masseurs, as well as taking part in courses given by the organisation. It is furthermore intended that a master course shall be established at the school once massage studies have been acknowledged as a health care profession by the Ministry of Health.

Address of the Icelandic School
of Therapeutic Massage

The Icelandic School of Therapeutic Massage is located at Asparfelli 12, 111 ReykjavÝk, Iceland. The office is open until noon on weekdays. Telephone: +345 8454950 Fax: +354 587 3950. E-mail .