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FIHN has adopted the following ethical code

1. Objective
The ethic rules is aimed to strengthen good and proper treatment of patients/clients, who turn to the professional healer and to sustain a loyal and professional position between healers.

2. General rules
All professional healers must work within the actual legislation of the country, where he practices.
The professional healer has a duty to keep his professional knowledge and social insight.

3. Professional rules
The professional healer must only use methods and means, which are proper in regard to the theories, philosophies, education and practical experience to which the healer is qualified.
The professional healer has a duty to refer to another kind of therapy or to hospital, doctor, if the treatment of the person in question demands that.

4. Cure
The professional healer gives no promise of cure.

5. Journals
The professional healer keep a journal of the treatment of the patient/client, means and methods.

6. Secrecy
The professional healer has an absolute professional secrecy.

7. Professional etiquette
The professional healer must further a good relationship to colleagues, show consideration to colleagues and must not put colleagues in a disfavourable position or light

8. Access to complain
The patient/client has a right to complain of the healer. The complaint shall be written and be sent to the ethic counsel of the national healer organisation