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Assessment and Treatment of the Lumbar and Sacral Ligaments (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Iceland is one of the most beautiful, progressive, and profoundly natural places on earth. Join Brian for three tax-deductible CE classes in Reykjavik, Iceland on April 21st-25th, 2018. 

The first class will focus on assessing and skillfully treating the ligaments of the low back and sacrum. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are more than a million workers who suffer back injuries in a year, and that they account for about 20% of the total work-related injuries. Back pain can be debilitating for many, and even when it's just a nuisance, it can significantly impact quality of life for our clients. Massage can be a helpful tool in the recovery and rehabilitation process, but it is all too common for clients to receive massage that has a minimal impact on their pain and discomfort. 

One of the things commonly missing is a better understanding of and ability to specifically palpate the terrain of the low back and sacrum, particularly connective tissue structures like the various supporting ligaments. These ligaments are every bit as important as the muscles, bones, and fascia, but are often overlooked by massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists.  

In this class, you will learn to palpate and treat some of the most commonly injured ligaments in the low back and pelvis, including the iliolumbar, intertransverse, sacroiliac, sacrotuberous, supraspinous, and interspinous ligaments, as well as a few key postural muscles. 

"I found this class extremely informative; it's something my own body needed, and I hadn't been able to pinpoint it." -Sabrina Barrera

Instructor: Brian Utting
CE hours: 8
Date and Time: Saturday, April 21st, 9:30am-6:30pm
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland


Introduction to Visceral and Abdominal Massage (Reykjavik, Iceland)

The viscera are at the very core of our body, and are, along with our nervous system, a primary source of life. They are at the center of our structure, our emotions, our biochemistry, and our life energy. There are over 500 million neurons in the belly (almost 5 times more than in the spinal cord), and our enteric nervous system is a primary source of our intuition and "gut" feelings.

When we are anxious or distressed, our natural instinct is to protect our soft underbelly and "stuff" emotions there, causing multilayered problems throughout the body. The smooth muscles of the gut contract, pulling on the surrounding mesentery and fascia, causing not only gut pain, but back pain. In addition, surgery can create adhesions and multi-directional disruptions in the abdominal fascia and musculature. It is ironic that this vital healing area is often overlooked in massage.

The sensitivity and vulnerability of the belly is precisely why it is so receptive to safe, calming, and nourishing touch. We can soothe the enteric nervous system and the soft underbelly, sending waves of deep relaxation throughout the entire body. We can relax the smooth muscles of the intestines, which reduces pain, improves digestive function, and eases the fascial pull in the back and other areas of the body. We can sometimes separate post-surgical adhesions, creating balance and increased ease of movement at the very core of the body.

In this class you will learn simple and effective abdominal massage techniques that are easy to integrate into your massage practice. You will learn the basic layout of some of the area's major anatomical structures and how to identify, palpate, and treat them. This class will make your abdominal work more comforting, intelligent, and effective. You will be able to help your clients achieve deeper states of relaxation, relieve pain, improve digestive function, and help free up deep structural imbalances.

"I was expecting a belly massage class and walked away with a deep understanding of the abdomen. This class was incredible." - KC Johnston, LMP and Doula

Instructor: Brian Utting
CE hours: 8
Date and Time: Sunday, April 22nd, 9:30am-6:30pm
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland


Hydrotherapy Principles, Physiology and Immersions (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Hydrotherapy has been practiced as a healing art in many cultures since the beginning of recorded history. The people of Iceland have faithfully been practicing hydrotherapy for centuries, and the country has some of the most abundant and magical hot springs of any place in the world. Hydrotherapy, like massage, supports relaxation, cleansing, detoxification, and improved healing outcomes. Used together, massage and hydrotherapy are synergistic and more powerful than either modality used alone. 

This course will focus on how massage practitioners can strategically and effectively apply hydrotherapy in massage practice and in life as a health-building form of self-care. We will start with a review of the the physiology of thermal homeostasis, and the effects hot and cold hydrotherapy on the nervous, muscular, circulatory, integumentary, fascial, and digestive systems. You will learn about the properties of water, the physics of hot and cold, and the rules and principles for safe and effective hydrotherapy. Following a survey of different hydrotherapy applications, you will learn a form of ice massage that is particularly well-suited to deep tissue work.  

You will then experience several forms of hydrotherapy at Laugardalslaug, Reykjavik's largest and best hydrotherapy facility, located within walking distance of the classroom. Its facilities include a geothermally-heated olympic-size pool, 5 hot tubs (including one feeding seawater directly from the ocean), a steam bath, a cold plunge, and a geothermally-heated children's pool with water slides. You will leave class feeling refreshed, cleansed, and detoxified. 

Join us for a tax-deductible training in one of the most beautiful, progressive, and profoundly natural places on earth. Straddling the European and North American geologic plates, Iceland is the land of fire and ice, with glaciers, waterfalls, hot springs, and volcanoes. 

"Amazing class! I feel so much more grounded in my hydrotherapy knowledge. I feel more comfortable speaking to my clients about proper hydrotherapy for their individual needs, which is exactly what I was looking for." -Ashlyn Swan

Instructor: Brian Utting
CE hours: 8 
Date and Time: Wednesday, April 25th, 11am-9pm

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland 

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